Have clean, healthy skin without using harmful chemicals.

 Are you concerned with healthy skin for you and your family?

 Are you tired of using different skin care products claiming to yield amazing results, that actually contain ingredients that are harmful to your body?

  Health and nutrition are important. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into them.

  The skin is our body's largest organ, yet sometimes the most overlooked when it comes to caring for it. SAGE products make that easy and enjoyable.

 Organic ingredients. Ethically sourced ingredients. Pure essential oils. Aromatherapy benefits. 

 Because SAGE products are handcrafted and made     to order, they are not stored in a warehouse and are completely fresh when you receive them. 
       Why not include Sage products as part of your
                         daily skin care routine?

          Wise skin care for your face and body.

Handmade with natural, organic and fair trade ingredients.